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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I just stayed up until 2 am (it is now 2:08) re-re-reading TRTMB :P I just wanted to ask... I remember reading so many little drabbles (like E going with R to see Mary Kate) and I can't find them on your AO3... do you still have them on your tumblr? :)

they are most definitely somewhere oh my goodness

they should be on my main, right around here.

was there a specific one you were looking for?

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Anyone Can Fall (They Will Come When We Call) - Chapter One


Verse: Les Miserables/Pacific Rim AU
Characters: Eponine, Montparnasse, Valjean, Javert, Grantaire
Warnings: Violence, major character death, brief suicidal ideation


hey hey hey hey hey lovely people

the year is winding down and it’s prompting me to do a lot of reflection. for starters, i wanted to thank you, each and every last one of you. you’ve been so amazing and incredible and you’ve made this year truly untouchable. stepping into the les mis fandom was the start of something beautiful and through this fandom i’ve met some of the most wonderful, loving people in the entire world, and i’ve made some of my absolute closest friends here. i’ve also been able to grow as a writer, and as a person, and for that, i can never thank you enough.

for all my new friends, thank you so much for blessing my life with your presence and your friendship. for all my old friends, thank you so much for continuing to bless my life. for all my readers, thank you always and forever for giving me a place for my writing, and for showing it—and me—so much love and kindness and support.

this has been a year of new opportunities for me and i’m so endlessly grateful. i got accepted to study abroad and fulfill a dream i’ve had since i was fourteen years old; i got to spend a holiday with a good friend; i got to dive into research and make school an even better place for me to be.

as a thank you to everyone who’s been so incredible to me, i’ll be doing a few things in the next few days.

  • follow forever: more likely than not this will be mutual follows, with my closest friends first and then everyone else alphabetically. expect that by the new year.
  • fic!: prompt me. i’ll write a couple of fics (not more than two or three—i do have a life outside tumblr :P) for any of this year’s fandoms.
  • more fic!: guess who’s STILL working on trtmb and tenorjolras? c’est moi. and i will keep working on this fic even if it’s slow as fuck.

love you all. thank you so much for giving me such an incredible year. may the next year be this wonderful. <3


Talk Revolution to me, Baby // Fanmix


1. Tongue-tied - Grouplove /  2. All Alright - fun. / 3. Diet Mountain Dew - Lana del Rey / 4. Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars / 5. Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / 6. Madness - Muse / 7. Revolution - Jim Sturgess / 8. It’s Time - Imagine Dragons / 9. King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men / 10. Pompeii - Bastille / 11. All These Things that I’ve Done - The Killers /12. Born to Die - Lana del Rey / 13. Drink with Me - Les Mis Cast / 14. 21 Guns - American Idiot Cast / 15. Carry On (acoustic) - fun. 

Based on the wonderful fic by:

Cover art by: 

Listen here:

Hope you enjoy it! :)


thank you so much, lovely!

high-functioning-sociopaths asked: first - I'M IN LOVE WITH TRTMB second - since you changed name of your blog I'm not able to find that post about trtmb tattoos, and I really, really want to find it. Could you help me?

Thank you, lovely!!

There’s a link to my personal in the sidebar; just replace the URL in the link to the tattoos with my current URL. :)

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Anonymous asked: cause of death: talk revolution to me baby

leaves a lipstick mark on yr death certificate

writes “sorry xoxo” in pink pen

doesn’t really mean it

(thank you lovely!!)

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The Importance of Being Samwell, Or: The Time Sam Became King of Westeros - truethingsproved - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


In which Samwell Tarly becomes King of Westeros, and everyone is more or less polite. Pure, unadulterated crack and fluff.

roseyjehan asked: Well I wish you alot of luck with your inspiration etc :) I can't wait to see what comes in the future because you're super talented :D

thank you!!! <3

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Poetry in Numbers



I don’t have Tenorjolras but I do have PacRim fic!

roseyjehan asked: You should update the Tenorjolras fic :)

hhhh okay this is? a complicated thing? because I want to and I miss writing for Les Mis but there are two things working against me here:

  1. time is something I don’t have much of these days, and when I do have time, I don’t have the energy to write, and
  2. my muse for Les Mis fic is very absent. Very, very absent.

I can’t and won’t force myself to write but I do miss it and I do someday want to go back to it—I just don’t know when or if I’ll be able to, but I really appreciate that there are people who want to see me writing it again <3

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